Beautiful Bastard

Beautiful Bastard by N.L. Blake


I’m Jake Morgan.
The man they all loved to hate.
A movie star.
I’m ridiculously rich and famous.
I takes full advantage of it all drugs, sex, booze, pills, clubs, orgies
And enjoy every minute of it.
People see me as an asshole. Prickly.
But all women fall at my feet.
All, yes. Except one.
Who is this woman who dares to stand up to me?
Tandy O’ Hara. A novelist.
They’ve tapped her to write the script of her last book.
And guess who’s gonna be the leading actor of this film?
I can’t bear how she acts with me. Who does she think she is?
Of course, I want nothing more from Tandy, than to ravish her body.
That’s what I believed…

I was hired to write the screenplay of my book, A Moment in Time.
Am I excited to work with Jake Morgan?
Not really.
He’s a walking cliché. Even if he’s really hot.
And everything about him spells trouble.
If you think I’m gonna fall at your