Love Me Deeper

Love Me Deeper

There’s one thing Nova Quentin knows for sure.
She’s in love with her best friend.

Okay, now here’s what she doesn’t know.
How on earth to tell him how she feels.

Asher’s already given her everything he can – including a hasty fake marriage to keep her free from her crazy parents. He deserves better than someone who needs him so much and has only drama to give in return. Right?

For nearly 10 years, football player Asher King has been in love with his best friend.

That hesitant, dimpled smile on her captivating lips – that curly hair unruly around her smooth, brown face – he never stood a chance. But she distanced herself after college, and even though it hurt like hell, he respected her wishes.

Now they’re back in each other’s lives.

Two people bent on believing that there’s nothing between them.
One more chance to get it right.