The Second Chance Cafe in Carlton Square

The Second Chance Cafe in Carlton Square by Lilly Bartlett

New mom, Emma, knows that the teenagers in her neighborhood don’t get many breaks in life. So when she decides to open her café on the square, she hires the kids who most need the skills to get jobs in the future. It could be Lou’s only chance to get the experience she needs to prove that she’s worth more than nearly everyone in her life thinks she is. Yet she’s guarded and aloof, and Emma worries about what she’s hiding.

As the café fills with freelancing hipsters, grumpy teens, new moms and ancient neighborhood residents, Emma realizes that they are all misfits in their own ways, looking for a place to fit in. And they’re not the only ones getting a second chance. She is too. The stark differences between the customers start to cause tensions, but when it becomes clear that someone is trying to close down the café, they must all work together, or they’ll lose the community.