Awakening Her Needs

Awakening Her Needs by C. C. Morian

Emily and Justin were high school sweethearts and are now happily married. Emily has never been with another man. A little shy, very traditional, and with a strict upbringing, she’s never even thought about another man.

To grow their marriage they create a bucket list of experiences to share. Justin seeds the list with a few risqué ideas he hopes will add some spice to their staid physical relationship. Will the bucket list backfire, or introduce Emily to hidden desires?

Follow Emily and Justin on their amazing journey, from a fantasy that is at first inconceivable, along a remarkably believable step by step path as Emily slowly realizes who she is, to a destination of utter transformation with a whole new world of realities.

Realities with men other than her husband.

Book One of a series, no cliffhanger.