Teach Me Daddy

Teach Me Daddy by Rye Hart

Years ago, I got a taste of what it meant to be with a real man.
He had a thirst for dominance. Control. Power.
That one night of ecstasy was worth losing my virginity to a complete stranger.
But when I learned the truth about Camillo, I left without a goodbye.
Now he’s shacked up in a cabin at the outskirts of town.
I’m scared he knows my secret.
Something tells me I can trust him – but I can’t take any chances.

For one perfect night, I owned her in every way imaginable.
Years later, I’ve discovered she has a little girl – an angel with blue eyes like her daddy.
I have to convince her I’m a man she can trust and maybe even love.
But first, the men from my past want to dig my grave and everyone I love.
They have no idea the hell I’m about to bring.
Because no one is laying a finger on my family.