The Protector

The Protector by Myra Scott

“If the rumors are true we could all be in serious trouble…”


I know what people see when they look at me: a tattooed guard dog with a heart of steel. Hell, that may just be true. But I know where I come from, and I stick to my values.

Prostitution ring or no, Nico needs my help. He’s the victim here, and I’m going to protect him. But can I protect him from myself?


I thought I was stuck in this life for good, but a glimmer of hope from a place I least expected is turning my world and my heart upside-down. Between my pimp and the man I thought cared for me, I’ve been trapped for so long that I’m jaded beyond my years.

But Bart wants to help me. Bart understands me. And just maybe, he can help me get back the life I lost.