Willing Bride: 7 Brides for 7 Bears

Willing Bride: 7 Brides for 7 Bears by Moxie North

King Security hires the best bear shifter security specialists in the business. What should have been a simple escort and home security job has turned into something much more. Anson is drawn to his client in ways that he shouldn’t be, with her gorgeous trusting eyes making him feel things he’d spent years keeping locked away inside.

Jilted bride, Piper Armstrong has decided that she’s just not the marrying kind; being left at the altar would make any woman wary about getting involved again. And, making matters worse, a stalker has been making her life a living hell for years, but sadly it’s the only thing in her life that has never changed.

Time is ticking on finding Piper’s tormentor. Anson knows that, no matter what, Piper is meant to be under his protection. Piper can trust him with her life, but what if Anson asks her to trust him with her heart?