Bad Seed

Bad Seed (A Brother's Best Friend Romance) by Rye Hart

Bad seed. Reckless. Wild.

Grant was the unattainable star of my adolescent fantasies.
And my older brother’s best friend.
I was in high school when my parents adopted him.

We were complete opposites.
The quiet girl who knew nothing about boys and s*x.
And the tall, dark and desolate bad boy.

Crazy to think a guy like him could be interested in me.
But the way his eyes always met my gaze made me wonder.
Then one horrible night changed our worlds forever.

Ten years since I left town – never intending to turn back.
I received an email that shook me to the core.
“Theresa’s in trouble.”
Had it been anyone else I wouldn’t give a d*mn.

The once dorky girl was special.
I knew she would blossom into a beautiful vixen.
And when I saw her after so many years…
I cursed myself for being away for so long.
A woman like her deserved to be cherished in ever