Loving Again: The Broken Hearts Club

Loving Again: The Broken Hearts Club by Michele Barlow

Evie Ward had a great career, a beautiful daughter, and handsome husband that was her rock. Evie never planned for the possibility that all of it could end. Evie is left adrift in a world covered in shadow with a young child to be strong for, even as she is breaking apart.

On a whim, she joins a support group for women suffering loss… any kind of loss. Her newfound friends form much more than a simple bond of tragedy, they form The Broken Hearts Club. Part shoulder to cry on, part advice column, and all cheering squad. It’s only with their support that Evie feels strong enough to start her life again somewhere new.

It takes a small disaster to bring some hope back into her life. Leo Carr could be just the kind of man to make all of the hurt and sadness inside her burn away forever. Can Evie push away the expectations of others and reach out to grasp the happiness Leo is offering?