His Sword

His Sword (A Royal Wedding Romance) by Holly Hart


I never wanted to get married. Now I’ve got no choice.
Two weeks to find a virgin wife or I lose my title as Prince.
No fortune, no kingdom, no anything.
It’s a stupid centuries-old rule, and it led me to her.
Amanda Sparks is a grad student.
Hot as sin, curves like a figure eight…
And most importantly… pure.
But not for long.
I’ll keep her just long enough to fulfill my contract.
All I need is a year. I get my title, she gets $25 million dollars.
It’s enough to save her father’s business.
But now that I’ve taken her virtue, I want more.
Amanda’s not just a contract, she’s my wife.
Title be damned. Amanda’s mine, and I won’t let her go.
Even if the only way to keep her is to lose everything else.