The Billionaire’s

The Billionaire’s (Perfect Match) by Erica A. Davis


Blake has just found out that he’s standing on an inheritance of billions!

But in order to receive the money, there’s a catch:
He has to marry a woman his father approves of!
So Blake vows to his friend that he’ll marry the next woman who walks through the coffee shop door…
Not knowing that the woman would be Lea Hart.
Being a fuller figure black woman, Lea isn’t the type Blake usually goes for.
But once they start dating, he can’t get his hands off her scrumptious curves!
Lea has also fallen head-over-heels over the charmingly handsome Blake, and their passionate relationship quickly turns into love.
But what will happen when Lea finds out that their relationship started with a bet?

Can Blake convince her that only she matters to him, and not his billion dollar inheritance?