Wild Rugged Daddy

Wild Rugged Daddy (A Single Daddy Romance) by Sienna Parks

Bear Paw Mountain is rife with urban legends.
When football superstar, Travis Thorburn, lost his wife in a car accident, he became a single
daddy. Overcome with grief and overwhelmed by parenthood, he dropped out of the spotlight
with his newborn son and hasn’t been heard from since. Journalists have been trying to find
them for four years without success.
As Juliet Abrams sets out on an expedition to Bear Paw Mountain for her next article, she’s
intrigued by the town of Cricket. Rumors circulate about the local recluse who flits in and out
of their close-knit community with his little boy. Warnings to steer clear of the enigmatic
stranger and the mysterious creatures that roam the mountains are rendered obsolete when her
strong will and inexperience conspire to bring them together.