Juniper Skies

Juniper Skies by Lora Richardson

He keeps his distance from everyone. She longs for connection.

Delphine has been traveling in an RV with her grandmother since she was two years old. She’s seen America, but life on the road is lonesome for a teen. She’s never had friends her own age, a job, or her first kiss. When her grandmother buys a house in Juniper, it seems like everything Delphine longs for is finally within reach. But Abe, the one friend she wants the most, keeps pushing her away.

When Abe meets Delphine at the Founder’s Day Festival on her first day in town, he can’t deny that she intrigues him. But life hasn’t been gentle to Abe, and he doesn’t have time for friends. His father is getting out of prison, and Abe doesn’t want him to return to Juniper and undo all the changes of the last four years. But how can he keep that from happening? And can he dare let Delphine find out about his past?