Brody Judge

Brody Judge ((Heartbreakers & Heroes Book 5)) by Ciana Stone


Brodie’s come to Cotton Creek simply because he has a lot of leave time, and the new training facility that was built in the same county is about to have a two-hundred foot climbing tower. There’s little Brodie likes more than free-climbing and he’s agreed to train a new batch of recruits. It’ll give him some down time to maybe work on an engine, visit with friends and if lucky, find a pretty lady to enjoy some time with.

What he never counted on was being thrust into the middle of a tantalizing and sexy mystery. A mysterious woman runs the obstacle course of the training center every morning before dawn and she kills it. Brodie is a true sucker for a mystery, not to mention gorgeous red-heads. So, naturally he’ll have to catch this mysterious beauty when she’s on one of her morning challenges with the course.

That’s going to open a Pandora’s box he never imagined.