What Margaret Knows

What Margaret Knows by Mirella Tinley

A sharp mind, a fearless heart, a charitable spirit to help the urchins of the city. That’s what makes Lady Margaret Waverley a familiar face at the constabulary of Bath.
Her inquisitive mind and powers of deduction have helped her local constabulary unravel crooked cases of misdeed and wrongdoing. But like many young lady, Margaret still heads out for her first ever season. And enjoys a romantic encounter with him.
Edmund Faversham, heir to the Earl of Doxford.
He will do anything to get what he wants, including Margaret.
He is… no stranger to the dark.
When Margaret sneaks out one night, she witnesses a sight that shakes her to the core.
A dangerous truth surrounding more than just Margaret and Edmund.
Can Margaret seek a solution to the ugly truth, and fall for the man beneath the masquerade?
How will Margaret and Edmund rise above the darkness to reach their love?