Cold Heart

Cold Heart A Bad Boy Single Father Novel by Weston Parker


I was born a fighter.
Destined for the ring. Cold. Hard. Focused.
I never expected to have to run from my enemies and hide out, but it’s not just me anymore.
My little girl deserves more than the life I have to offer. The least I can do is keep her safe from the mad man after me.
At first, we find serenity in the small town I tucked us away in, but nothing is that easy.
A beautiful girl next door grabs my attention, and for a moment, I believe love might be possible–again.
How wrong I was.
Inviting this hot woman into my world was the biggest mistake I’ve made.
One minute, she’s there, and the next, she’s gone.
Kidnapped. Taken from me.
Good damn thing I was born a fighter.
I’ll never give up.