His Obsession

His Obsession (A Dark Romance) by Violet Noir


I’ve never been anything but a man’s property.
First my father, then others.
I exist for everyone else’s pleasure but my own.
This is my life.
Loveless. Broken.
Only death will free me from my bonds.
But then a monster steals me from my captor.
At first, I think Kade’s like all the others… but he’s different.
He wants more than just my body—he wants my soul.


She’s damaged in a way I’ll never understand.
She thinks she’s ready to die, but I won’t let her.
I want to corrupt her. Claim her. Make her feel again.
I keep her in a cage not unlike the one I took her from.
I’ll make her scream with pleasure, and with pain.
On her knees, I’ll make her submit.
No one will take her from me.
Because she’s mine.