Love’s Highway

Love’s Highway by Maddie Evans


Peter’s a straight-laced guy who’s been helping out at his dad’s siding business, but as soon as he graduates, he’s going to enter the military. He might not save the world, but he’ll save the college money for his sister, because she’s brilliant. Afterward he’ll go to college. Until then, he can’t have a family.

Casey’s brand new in Sweet Grove, hitchhiked in with a delivery truck and is ready to hitch back out again when she finds Peter trying to save a litter of abandoned puppies. She hops a fence and breaks into a locked shed to get them out, and now they’ve got a whole lot of little mouths to feed.

Peter’s got his whole future planned out, and Casey doesn’t fit at all. But she’s also the most intriguing gal he’s ever met. And although she swears she’ll never accept help from anyone, she’s about to come face to face with a crisis she can’t solve on her own…