Grave Delights

Grave Delights (A Lesbian Paranormal Romance) by Victoria Cerises


Their love is forbidden in more ways than one…

On the eve of an impending and unwanted betrothal, the lives of two young women in a dangerous and forbidden love affair change forever. A plan to run away and escape the restrictive expectations of their small village goes terribly wrong, and these human lovers are transformed into immortal enemies.

For the next three hundred years, headstrong and bold lycan Veruca must battle with the fact that her once pious and gentle lover, Leda, is now a cruel and unforgiving vampire. As respective leaders in the Great War between lycans and vampires, they must both confront their seemingly immortal feelings for another without betraying their kind.

Can the love they shared as humans withstand hundreds of years and thousands of deaths? Or will their love be a forgotten memory?