Black Bride, White Baller

Black Bride, White Baller (BWWM Basketball Romance) by Jamila Jasper


My three interests are fighting, drinking and f##king.
When my best friend’s pregnant ex-girl turns up at my doorstep, getting involved is the last thing on my mind.
Lydia isn’t like other women.
She doesn’t care what any man thinks of her, least of all me.
No one says no to Rex Irving.
I don’t care if she promises to never date another baller again.
I know just the way to change her mind.

Rex Irving is a total pig, just like my ex-boyfriend Hank.
I hate the way he looks at me.I hate his arrogant little smirk and the way he’s so cocky about his rock-hard abs and professional athlete’s body.
I’m pregnant, on the run from my ex, and I hate that I need Rex Irving’s help.
I know he’s head over heels for me, and that only makes things worse.
I’m not ready for another man in my life… especially not another baller.