Vassily – Perfect Pain

Vassily – Perfect Pain A bad boy Mafia dark romance by Alice May Ball


Her innocent look does not fool me.
I have no time for that butter-wouldn’t melt look and her innocent eyes, I’ve seen it all before. This beauty is trouble in a party dress. When she presses those curves against me, they leave a sensation that doesn’t fade away. I have to have her.
Her owner says I should buy her. I tell him he’s dreaming. I want her but I’m not going to pay. I’ll take her. Anyone tries to stop me, they’ll regret it.
I hate him on sight.
I hate his sneering leer, the dirty spark in his laugh that says, ‘I do whatever I want,’ and the swagger that rolls in his so f*cking hot hips.
My precious, still-intact purity will win the Russian killer, according to my owner. He’s going to buy me and wouldn’t that be wonderful?
No, it wouldn’t. He would be worse than all of the others put together.