The Lover

The Lover Allure of the Vixen by C. C. Morian


What happens to a powerful man when a beautiful married woman chooses him as her lover?

Michael is handsome, powerful, and rich. He gets to pick and choose who he sleeps with, and has only one rule: no married women. They aren’t worth the trouble.

Then he meets Joanne. She’s got everything Michael feasts on. Stunning eyes. An amazing body. Brains. A smart mouth and sensuality.

But she’s very married.

Joanne is so hot Michael breaks his rule about married women. He’s used to getting what he wants, and he’ll have Joanne. Imagine his surprise when he discovers that Joanne has her sights set on him, but wants to keep her husband too.

Join Joanne, and the men in her life, on a journey that goes beyond discovery into the deepest recesses of fantasies old, new, and unforeseen.

Part of the Allure of a Vixen series, which can be read in any order.