Taking Chances

Taking Chances by Leah Busboom


Paige Franklin has a firm plan for her life and career – and it doesn’t include a boyfriend! When she meets Danny Ferguson at her MBA class, her initial reaction is that he’s a jock and a “chick magnet”. They’re partnered on several class assignments where she gets to know Danny better – realizing that there’s much more to him than she originally thought. He’s sexy, smart, funny and fun to be with. But, Paige convinces herself that she doesn’t want to detour from her current life plan.

To cool off their budding relationship, Paige gives Danny the “friends” speech. He’s discouraged by her speech, but decides that he likes Paige too much and compromises with her “friends” request. This cute couple gets to know each other under the pretense of being friends while they’re falling madly in love. Romance, comedy and frustration ensue when Paige realizes her mistake.