Citadels of Fire

Citadels of Fire by K.L. Conger


The maid who loved a soldier.

The soldier who defied a Tsar.

The Tsar who doomed a nation…

Inga is lucky to live the sheltered life of a maid in the Kremlin palace, but her plight is bleak at best. For Ivan the Terrible is the most notorious ruler ever to sit the throne of Russia.

When an English soldier comes to court, asking questions about his mother’s death years before, Inga is handed her first real chance at happiness. But can it endure?

Ivan tramples all in his path, leaving only death and blood in his wake. Taras asks too many questions, and his independent attitude frightens Inga. In Russia’s Imperial court, that kind of arrogance gets people killed.

Will Taras and Inga survive, or will they become unnoticed casualties of Tsars and Caesars, in a time period the world has forgotten?