Because You Loved Me

Because You Loved Me by Ian Finn


Be mine… just for tonight.

That pretty much sums up my relationship motto. I’m a busy man with no time for love. Plus, I don’t do commitment. I hook up, then fly off around the world to my next conquest.
Until one day I’m on a flight that turns dangerous. But the super-hot flight attendant, Miles, might be more dangerous. I want him.
But just a for a f*ck. I never do more than that. So why can’t I stop thinking about him?
Did I get hit with a different kind of bug on the plane… one that makes me fall hopelessly in love?
When my trust issues drive a rift between us, I fly to his tiny hometown of Baytown to make things right.
The whole way there, I wonder whether he’ll be able to forgive me.
He’s making me reconsider how I normally do things. But I can’t let him know the secrets from my past.

This is nothing that serious, right?
Or is love still in the air?