Love’s Champion

Love’s Champion by Nan O'Berry


Colton Young comes from a long line that goes all the way back to the founding of Sweet Grove, Texas. Each generation has faced its own trials and tribulations. But, when Colt gets the chance to reclaim a portion of the Box Elder his great, great grandfather lost in a card game, he is ill-prepared to deal with the new owner.

Danni Lancaster comes to Sweet Grove to take over the Circle K, which has been left to her after her grandfather’s death. Surprised by his gift, she knows nothing about running a ranch. When the good citizens of Sweet Grove turn up to help with the ranch repairs, it becomes evident that her neighbor might be interested in more. When she hears his father congratulate him on solving the problem through courtship, Danni feels betrayed.

Now, Colt is ready to move heaven and earth to regain her trust and prove that he’s Love’s Champion after all.