I Hate You, Marry Me

I Hate You, Marry Me An Enemies to Lovers Fake Marriage Romance by Jamie Knight


I can’t stand her. But she’s so hot.
And now she wants me to fake marry her.

Savannah’s family and mine have a bad history.
Now she and I go to medical school together.
But she doesn’t even remember me from childhood.
I fantasize about her curvy body.
Yet I wouldn’t dream of getting with her in real life.
We’re from two totally different worlds.
But then we both get kicked out of med school.
I hate her, for being a part of why it happened.
She can use her dad’s money and connections.
She’ll get into any other medical school she wants.
But I’ve lost my scholarship and my opportunity to be a doctor.
Then she comes up with a proposal to help both of us out.
I’ll get money for another school if I marry her.
She’ll get out of her father’s plan to set her up.
I’ll also get to put my hands all over her.
Can I fake marry my biggest enemy?
And what if I fall in love for real?