The Spell of Six

The Spell of Six Luck's Hollow Urban Fantasy Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance by Casey Morgan


Five human men. One female witch. And a magical pregnancy spell that must be enacted to save her town.

The town of Love’s Hollow is supposed to be a magical, safe place for magical creatures. But it’s being invaded by humans due to the fact that no one has activated the seeding spell that wards them off.
Gwendolyn Bishop is the witch who is supposed to save the town by enacting the spell. But she can’t, because she isn’t pregnant or a mother, which is a necessity for the spell to work. In fact, she is still a virgin.
When five human billionaires show up in The Lucky Spell Pot one night, Gwendolyn is immediately attracted to all of them. She decides one of them will help her father a child and enact the seeding spell. But which one?
Or will she not have to choose, because she can have multiple men at once, while being the one to save everyone?