Red Hot Stakes

Red Hot Stakes (A Steamy Single Dad Romance) by Mia Madison


The first time I meet single dad Luke Pearson, his children beg him to marry me. Can you imagine anything more awkward?
Luke’s not looking for a wife, but as an author, he does need help. I jump at the chance to work for him as a combination research assistant and nanny. The kids and I get along great, but Luke’s harder to read.
One moment his eyes sweep over my curvy body, a wicked grin on his handsome face. The next moment, he’s pulling back. He’s used to calling the shots, and even though he wants me, it takes him a while to realize how much he needs me.
I understand his reluctance to give in to sizzling-hot temptation. He’s got kids, and that makes the stakes higher. But if we can push past the obstacles, I think the sparks between us could turn into red hot flames.
Red Hot Stakes is a steamy romance novel with no cheating and a happy ending.