The Moscow Brotherhood

The Moscow Brotherhood (A Mafia Romance) by Jamila Jasper


I should never have touched her
.As the eldest brother in an ancient brotherhood, I know better.
She’s innocent, untouched, unbroken.
One intoxicating night of succumbing to lust and my dark obsession ignites.
I have no place in a good girl’s life…
She deserves to be more than my captive.
I have to let her go before it’s too late.

It’s dark… cold… terrifying.
Then I see him. Vasily.
He’s taller, larger and rougher than any man I’ve ever known.
He sees the woman I was before the incident.
The innocent one. The untouched one. The unbroken one.
He doesn’t know what darkness I’m carrying.
And I like it.
I may be his captive, but he’s the only one to ever make me feel free.

Russian mafia heir falls in love with a black American woman working as an au pair for a dangerous German family. Standalone within a series. NO cliffhanger & guaranteed HEA.