To Heaven From Hell

To Heaven From Hell by Elly Aurora


For four hundred years, Hell crafted me into a savage beast.
Tortured. Beaten. Broken. Scarred.
I suffered until I discovered the worst pain in existence…
Heaven stole my angel from me.

I was betrayed, yet I was the one who found myself in the ninth circle of Hell, the ring for betrayers. I was part of those meant to suffer the worst, right next to Cain, Judas, and the first of them all, Lucifer.

But no one keeps me down, and no one takes what’s mine.

My angel is up in those clouds, and I’m heading straight to Heaven.

When I bust through those gates, I’m taking her back. No angel or demon’s going to stand in my way from getting what I’m owed.

Hell hath no fury like a man obsessed.