German Biker Gang Brotherhood VI

German Biker Gang Brotherhood VI (A BWWM Biker Gang Romance) by Jamila Jasper


“He smelled like leather, asphalt, and blood, a sinful combination…”

My family has done unspeakable things.
I need to get out.
Georgia is the only one who can help me…
She’s petite, beautiful, and has a behind that won’t quit.
It’s easy to lose sight of the truth:
She’s dangerous… more dangerous than I.
I’m dealing with a criminal mastermind, who is drop-dead gorgeous too…
My alpha male instinct is to pin her down and tame the untamable.

Having feelings for him is a big mistake.
He’s terrifying, with his tatted kill count and piercing green eyes.
He’s tempting me with his promise of freedom… and forever.
With his bike vibrating between my thighs, I lose track of my #1 rule:
Never fall in love, especially not with a German biker — a Skorpione.