Forbidden Mate

Forbidden Mate by Cecilia Lane


When Leah Arden crashes her car, bear shifter Callum Strathorn leads the first responders. But as her wits return, she sees forbidden things, like a mysterious town and a man shifting into a bear. And if things couldn’t get worse, the stubborn and aggravatingly sexy woman smells and tastes just like his fated mate.

Leah lives a life haunted by secrets. She can’t stay in one place for long, even if Callum’s slow, sexy smile and quiet strength make her yearn for more. But when he forces her to remain in Bearden, she grows desperate to find a way to escape. Even if that means betraying the one man who makes her want to put down roots.

As Leah’s secrets unravel, the danger grows, looming over her and all of Bearden. Callum’s enemies are looking for weakness, and he handed them one on a silver platter. Can the alpha bear keep his people safe, especially the woman who is fated to be his?