Claiming Her Curves

Claiming Her Curves 2 High-Heat Curvy Romances Set by Quin Zayne


A curvy woman meets the right alpha man—or men—to make her dreams come true. Sizzling attention transforms her life. Imagine: your deepest wish becomes real for one amazing night. And you can keep your new life.

In Recluse, Bess, a divorced small-town baker, discovers new passions as mysterious Rafael comes on strong.

His finger traced my lips, passed across my life vein tender from his bite, and wrote Rafael’s.
“Let me set you free.” His deep voice went right to my….

In Triple Doctor Baby Makers, virgin teacher Mercy wishes for a baby. Three billionaire fertility specialists want to help her—they want her for their one.

Triple Doctor Baby Makers is a 45,000-word novel. Recluse is a 30,000 word novella.
Safe, standalone romances with HEAs starring women more than twenty-five years old. No cliffhangers. Get a double high-heat read!