Guilty Pleasures

Guilty Pleasures by Lena simon


After having her heart torn out and stomped on by the woman she thought she would be spending the rest of her life with, Mara decided enough is enough. Never again would she let herself feel the pain that true, electrifying, heart-wrenching love brings with it.

Now, Mara has everything she could ever want: a safe and secure relationship with her hardworking girlfriend, Adelle, a rewarding career as an educator, and a lifetime of comfortability to look forward to.

Her world is turned upside down when her first love, the woman who taught her that love is pain, comes careening back into her life. Will Mara be able to forgive the mistakes that made her swear off of true love forever and rekindle the flames of a fiery and passionate love affair? Or will she retreat into the comfort and security of a quiet, dispassionate life for the sake of her own safety?