Caveman Alien’s Claim

Caveman Alien’s Claim (A SciFi Alien Fated Mates Romance) by Calista Skye


There’s a rope tied around my ankle.
The other end is in the hand of a caveman.
My head hurts, too. And I have no idea how I got to this small hut far away from the village with the other Earth girls.
Yeah, this is not the best way to wake up.
The caveman is a mountain of muscle and moves like a tiger. He could be very attractive if he didn’t have a bad burn on half his face.
But the way he looks at me, I have a feeling that he wants to breed me.
I saw her in the village with the other women aliens, and I had to have her.
I have never been this close to a woman before. She makes me dizzy with her softness and her scent.
I’ve tied her up so she can’t escape. I’ll take her to my tribe.
Soon there will be children in my village again.