Taken (A Menage Romance) by Roma James


Together, two outlaw bikers watch over the boss’s daughter. But guard duty’s not all they want to share…

As longtime members of the Destroyers, our titles are far less important than our loyalty to each other and our brothers. Riding with the Club is everything. After tensions rise between our people and the rival gang one town over, our founder Prez asks us to tail his daughter Sky to keep her safe. It’s no skin off our backs. She’s family.

Except the boss’s kid is all grown up. In all the right ways.

We both know Sky is the one girl completely off-limits… but that doesn’t stop fantasies of her delectable body from driving us crazy.

When our enemies invade our town and target Sky to hurt the boss, we’ll do anything to keep her safe and to hunt down the thugs responsible. No more fighting temptation. We’ll protect what’s ours.

And we’ll claim her—together.