The Sandover Beach Billionaire

The Sandover Beach Billionaire (A Clean Billionaire Romance) by Emma St. Clair


She never wanted to see him again.

So why can’t Jenna escape Jackson Wells’ smirking–and frustratingly attractive–face?

When she returns home to Sandover Island after her mother’s death, Jenna is at rock bottom. If there were a level lower than rock bottom, that’s where she is. Hope doesn’t exist down there. Neither does love.

To make things worse, Jenna keeps running into Jackson, a man she’s known–and avoided–since high school. She doesn’t know why he’s pulling the nice-guy act, but she isn’t buying.

Unless it isn’t an act at all. Then she might really be in trouble.

The one woman billionaire Jackson Wells has loved for half his life comes home…

….and still sees him as the idiot kid he was in high school.

He just wants a chance to show her that he has changed. But every kindness he tosses her way, she lobs back like a grenade. Jackson can see how high she’s built her