Parisian Billionaire Brotherhood

Parisian Billionaire Brotherhood (An Interracial Billionaire Romance) by Jamila Jasper


“I had her lying there, barbecue sauce smeared all over her, legs spread, arms cuffed to the bed, feathers everywhere and drops of candle wax glued to her tummy and thighs.”

I’m supposed to be keeping a low profile.
What better place than the Caribbean?
A thick, brown-skinned beauty catches my eye.
My needs are stronger than my fear of being caught.
She’s every alpha’s dream girl…
I must have her…
On the beach…
In my bed…
She must be mine.

I’ll never be with another rich guy.
I thought I’d broken my curse when I met Jean-Luc.
I couldn’t have been more wrong.
But how can any rational girl say no to a Frenchman?
He’s fluent in the language of romance and the high-heat between us is enough to engulf me in flames.
I can’t resist the billionaire alpha… no matter how hard I try.