Captured— (Dom & Curvy Peril Romance) by Q. Zayne


Note: Wicked-hot Dom and curvy romance, 18+.
Denying her burning fantasies is not an option. Passion spells danger for the budding archaeologist. It’s not easy to detest a man who saves your life.
Resisting him when he makes her claw the earth—Rachel doesn’t want to resist Xavier.
She’d have to be superhuman to leave him now. Bad enough wondering if a Death god exists and wants her to…do things. On an ancient sacrificial altar. In the dark.

Safe for the moment, she’s alone with his tattooed, muscular body—and all his secrets.

Time’s running out for her sister. Rachel will anything to save her life. Even submit to dark acts in a dangerous place. And call the arrogant pilot Master.

Game on. Stay alive. Don’t get her heart shredded. Got it.
Good thing she’s got plenty of fresh panties. She’s ready to risk everything.
Damn him.
Safe, HEA