Olivia and the Older Boy

Olivia and the Older Boy (Love in Ocean Grove) by Anna Catherine Field


Olivia has spent her life in the shadows.

Of her sister Norah.

Of her depression and anxiety.

Of her overprotective mother.

The summer of her senior year she’s ready to jump back into life. She has a friend, a boy that she’s crushing on and a plan to make the next three months the best ones yet.

All of those plans apart before summer even starts and she’s back to square one, except for one thing. Ben Rowan’s sudden and timely appearance back in her life.

Ben is her sister’s best friend who also understands what it’s like to live around shining stars. He’s older, has known Olivia her whole life and, the best part? Her parents trust him.

What starts out as a convenience for two lonely people, turns into something bigger, something that may help the shadows vanish once and for all.