To The Top

To The Top (An Alpha Male and Younger Curvy Woman Romance) by Adele Niles


When an older, alpha man meets the curvy and powerful woman that puts him in his place, will he survive the power struggle or will she be the one that ends up on top?

This is the job of a lifetime. Using my background, education and all of the assets I’ve gained over the years. It’s not easy being strong and powerful. Some men can’t handle it. But then Sam, my new temporary boss shows up and for once, I’ve met my match in a man, but what he doesn’t know is that I’m fighting for my favorite position, on top.

Riley wasn’t what I expected at all. She’s smart, sexy, savvy and curvy. A total and complete package and the last thing I ever knew I wanted. When she ended up on my team for the big project I knew she was perfect for this position… and just about every position I can think of… it’s because she’s all I can think of, and it’s affecting my job and possible promotion. But