Middlemarch Shifters Box Set 1 – 3

Middlemarch Shifters Box Set 1 – 3 by Shelley Munro


Welcome to Middlemarch, rural home of a secret community of black leopard shifters. Residence of the Mitchell brothers and their friends. All scallywags and rascals, according to the elders on the Feline council.

But with a shortage of marriageable females, what is a single man to do when his livelihood is chained to the land, and there are no women to offer distraction? They get up to enough mischief to turn the oldest Mitchell brother’s hair gray. That’s what.

Want to know a secret?

All that is about to change because the elders have a plan. They’re set on changing the status quo and are arranging a ball to entice young women to the rural town. And, from what I hear, that is just the start of their grandiose plans.

This should be very interesting. Let’s stand back and watch the fall-out.

Contains: 3 x Middlemarch Shifters novels