Caveman Alien’s Sword

Caveman Alien’s Sword by Calista Skye


A caveman is chasing me.
He’s right behind me, crashing through the jungle. He’s huge, all muscles and fangs and turquoise stripes. His sword is the size of a helicopter blade, and the bulge in his pants is almost as big.
He was supposed to be my bodyguard on this dinosaur-infested planet.
I guess he changed his mind.
I know what cavemen on this woman-less planet like to do to Earth girls: abduct and impregnate.
That’s not going to happen to me.
So I run.

I don’t like that she runs from me.
But I like watching her run. Her round behind has a fluid jiggle to it. Her sweet, alien scent perfumes the air. Even as I hunt her down I can feel my crotch swelling uncontrollably.
I will catch her.
And then, who knows? She might like what I’m going to do.