Guarding Angel

Guarding Angel by Darcy Quinn


He broke my heart. Now my life depends on him…

ANGEL: I thought this was going to be simple.
Go home, open my bakery.
That all flies out the window when I see Dante Marino.

Gone is the sweet, curly-haired Italian guy who took my virginity.
In his place: an ex-Navy SEAL, billionaire CEO of a security agency.
Who just so happens to be a panty-destroying stud.
Exactly the kind of guy I should avoid.
Until someone threatens to kill me.

Then Mr. Panty-Destroyer and I are going to have to get close.

DANTE: I’m not back in Cape Sunset to see Angel Parios.
I can’t afford to be distracted by her.
No matter how perfect her body.
No matter how many filthy things I want to do to her.
I’m here on a mission.
There’s no way I deserve a second chance with Angel.

But when it comes down to it, I know I’d die for her.
Because Guarding Angel makes me feel alive.