Just for Halloween

Just for Halloween

MMF Bisexual Romance

It was supposed to be just for Halloween. But when the trick-or-treating is over, I’m still craving them both.

Summer knows she’s a lucky woman. Her boyfriend, Ben, is like her own personal Prince Charming. Knowing she’s coming after a long string of exes who have cheated and used him, all she wants to do is make him happy, the way he deserves.

So when Ben admits that he’s bisexual, and fantasizes about sharing her with another man, Summer can’t stop thinking about making his fantasy come true. And Halloween seems like the perfect time. Everyone’s in masks, and fantasy runs rampant. And when Summer lays eyes on drop-dead gorgeous Nick, she knows he’s the one to fulfill theirs.

Will they still want to be together when the masks come off?
Or will one night of treats leave us all hungry for more?