Alien Husband

Alien Husband (The Alien Bride Series) by Luna Kingsley


A battle-hardened alien warrior with no interest in love claims a lonely Earth woman who’d risk everything for it.
Drax, the warrior king of Iddax, only cares about the peace and prosperity of his people. He has no interest in a mate, but his advisors are obsessed with finding a perfect match. Exhausted by their constant scheming and frustrated with planetary politics, Drax comes up with a plan to select a mate on his own terms.
Light years away, Lillian longs for love. The lonely med student has always felt disposable and unappreciated. Her despair deepens when her father sells her into bondage as an intergalactic bride. Resigned to her fate, she prepares for a dark future.
Until Drax choses her.
Lillian is filled with hope for the first time in years, until she realizes Drax has no interest in love. Loyalty and an heir are all he requires. Will a marriage of convenience be enough?