Mack by Zahra Girard


Vicious. Possessive. Criminal.
No one stands between me and what I want.
And I want her.

I never could keep my hands to myself.
My enemies learned that the hard way.
So when I come across Sophia, terrified and on the run,
I can’t resist her bright eyes and her body built for sin.

She tries to warn me about her past,
About the Bratva chasing after her
She wants to keep running – to start over somewhere new,
to giver her baby a chance at a new life.

The kids isn’t mine, but the mother sure is.
And both of them have my icy heart beating like it never has before.
There’s something Sophia doesn’t know, but she’s going to learn real fast:
I take what’s mine and I never let it go.

And those Bratva on her tail?
They’ve never faced a Devil like me.
I’ll pay any price – kill anyone – to keep Sophia for myself.