Turn up the Tempo

Turn up the Tempo by Charli B Rose

One sweltering night… and morning after. He set the tempo, and she matched him step for step. No strings. No hearts.
It was supposed to just be a one-night stand. I wasn’t supposed to catch feelings. He’s a rock star and having feelings for him would be devastating. And I’m already struggling — no job, no home, no love life. Besides, I don’t believe in love or happily ever after. Fun and orgasms are much more concrete.
Just one night. Usually just one round. That was all I was good for. It was all I ever wanted. It kept girls from getting clingy. Of course with her, I wanted multiple rounds and the next morning. But when I left, that was supposed to be the end of it. So, why can’t I get her laugh out of my ears? Her smile from behind my eyelids? Her touch off my fingertips? Her moans out of my dreams?
What happens when love turns up the tempo?