Faith (Amish Romance) by Ruth Hartzler


In this happy, feel-good, Amish romance series from USA Today Bestselling author, Ruth Hartzler, a buggy horse by the name of “Blessing” is passed from one person to another, changing their lives in the process.
For years, Nettie looked after her aged mother Elma. Now that her mother has died, Nettie is alone. Her buggy horse has gone lame. Just as Nettie is despairing about not having any means of transport, a lost horse appears in her driveway, bringing with him far-reaching consequences.
Daniel Glick is drawn to the lonely figure of Nettie, but Nettie wants to be left alone. However, when Jebediah Sprinkler tries to force Nettie to hand over her house, Daniel springs to the rescue.
As Nettie’s struggles mount, she has to decide whether to take the law into her own hands.
And what will Daniel do when he discovers the secret Nettie is hiding from him?